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Timid Turtle Creative News — July 2021

Howdy art-makers, art lovers and everyone who digs visual arts! It’s too hot out to do anything, so why not take a few minutes to catch up on our recent goings-on?



A few weeks ago we were pleased to receive an email from Trish of Trish Raine Felting. Trish let us know she had previously purchased some of Diana’s Fascinator cards, loved them and wondered if more might be available.

Well sure! But maybe we could do something a little more fun…

You see, we discovered that Trish creates beautiful, hand-felted hats: cocktail hats, gossamer hats, headbands and even fancy leather hats! We knew right away Diana had to paint Trish’s hats in Fascinator style. We pitched the idea to Trish and she jumped on board.

Trish provided us with a few of her favourite images of her hats and Diana got busy painting. When the paintings were finished, we created a series of postcards featuring both Trish’s hats and Diana’s Fascinators. Each card is printed on a heavy, premium matte stock; the front features one of the paintings and the back is blank except for a small credit line at the bottom. Not to brag, but we think they’re beautiful, bright and appealing — suitable for framing, mailing or any other purpose you can imagine!

Interested in owning some of the postcards? Drop by our online store!

And please take a moment to visit Trish Raine Felting’s website. Who knows — you might fall in love with her hats like we did!



Losing a beloved pet is painful. Their departure leaves a void that is hard — if not impossible — to fill. We remember the good times, the joy and comfort they brought and wish there were a way to preserve those memories.

For some of our clients, the answer has been immortalizing their pets in formal portraits that capture their unique spirits and act as a permanent memorial.

This month Diana was pleased to deliver her most recent pet portrait commission. The subject was a beautiful bunny named Rosie (shown above). Rosie was very special and a client commissioned Diana to paint it as a Father’s Day gift. Needless to say, the recipient was thrilled. If you’re interested in a pet portrait — either for yourself or as a gift — drop us a line!



A few weeks ago we launched Make Art With Diana! — a YouTube channel dedicated to in-depth art instruction and information.

We recently posted the 10th and final episode of Creating An Abstract Painting Using Natural Elements. The series covers every step from a blank canvas to a finished abstract painting and is perfect for artists of all levels. Take a minute to visit the channel. While you’re there, please subscribe (it’s free!) and watch some or all of the videos. You won’t be disappointed!



Thank you to everyone who attended Diana’s Melange solo art show in June. It was a great show and we were thrilled to display some of Diana’s recent mixed-media work.

As part of the show we offered a prize to anyone who attended and brought a friend: a free 11x14 pet or person portrait painted in oil by Diana. Our lucky winner was Melissa McWilliams of Penticton. Congratulations, Melissa! We look forward to creating your portrait in the near future.



On road trips we love to listen to podcasts about art, photography and creativity. The miles slip by effortlessly as we learn new concepts, explore other artists’ creative journeys and fill our inspiration banks.

One of the best art-related podcasts we've discovered is The Artful Painter: Art lessons for artists, collectors and people who love art, hosted by Carl Olson. Carl took up oil painting relatively late in life after a career in software development and brings the excitement and curiosity of both an art lover and an art student to his interviews.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out his most recent podcast, an interview with artist Kevin Kehoe. Kehoe focuses on the epic and awe-inspiring vistas of the American West, an area he says is “where you lose yourself to find yourself.” His conversation with Carl is fascinating — we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

You can find Carl Olson’s interview with Kehoe (and more than 60 other artists) on your favourite podcast source (such as Apple Podcasts), on YouTube or on The Artful Painter website.

Happy listening and happy trails!



If you ever display your art in public — or even if you display a lot of it in your home — you know wall space is either unavailable or runs out quickly.

A set of portable, compact easels can save the day. We recently purchased three sets of Ohuhu Easels that we think are just great. They are made of sturdy aluminum, come with a storage bag and are adjustable from about two feet tall to six feet tall. They're perfect for displaying art on tables, floors or anything in between!

If you’re interested, check out the Ohuhu Easels here on Amazon.


Thank you for reading! Have a great (and hopefully cooler) July. Please be in touch if you have feedback, questions or want to chat.

If you know anyone who would enjoy or benefit from the content in this newsletter please forward it to them.

Diana and Paul

Timid Turtle Creative

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