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Creative Services for Artists

As an artist, your passion is creating art — not taking care of time-consuming technical tasks like writing, video production or photographing art. Don't worry: we've got your artistic back. Check out the services we offer:

Artwork Photography

Every artist needs to photograph artwork for social media posts, website galleries, making prints, greeting cards, mugs and more. But photographing artwork is very technical and it's important to do it right so you come out with images that have enough resolution and are faithful to the original. We provide art photography services at surprisingly affordable rates and ensure you receive images you can use for all purposes or projects.

Print, Card and Merchandise Creation

You're a painter. Or a sculptor. Or a potter. You're not a graphic designer or a printer. So when you want to create prints, greeting cards or any other merchandise featuring your art, we're here to help. We can take your original art, work with printers and create pieces you can be proud to sell or give as gifts.


When you visit an artist's website, what's the first page you visit? If it isn't the artist's portfolio it's the artist's biography. We can help you write a concise, clear and informative biography you can use on your website, for art shows and for any other time someone wants to know a bit more about you.

Artists' Statements

Sooner or later, whether it's for your website or for an art show, you'll be asked to submit an artist's statement. Often, these are adjective-laden demonstrations of obfuscation more than clear statements of the why, how and what of your art. Let us help you navigate the complexities of creating an artist's statement you'll be proud to stand behind.

Video Production

Video adds a professional flair to your website or social media presence. Talk to us about creating an artist video profile to introduce yourself to clients or a video promo for your next art show. And get ready for your closeup!



Resources and Downloads

Check here for resources, including downloads to accompany our blog posts and YouTube videos on the Make Art With Diana! and Timid Turtle Creative channels.

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