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Paul Skelhorne  |  Photographer

Paul Skelhorne has been a photographer since his teenage years. Starting with a Minolta fixed-lens camera, Paul set out to capture the world around him, from the mundane to the sublime. He soon moved on to the world of SLRs, commandeering his father’s Pentax ME Super and joining the school photo club, where he learned to develop film and make prints in the darkroom.

Photography led Paul into the world of university journalism and then, after graduation, to newspapers. There, Paul’s early training paid off as he put his skills to work in sometimes-challenging conditions: for one small newspaper in the Caribbean he regularly rolled and developed film in a small, outdoor bathroom amidst clouds of mosquitoes and sometimes-stifling heat.

Later in life, Paul rekindled his love for photography, starting first with his wife’s point-and-shoot digital camera, then diving into the world of DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and digital post-processing.

Today Paul works hard to turn his early passion for photography into something more than a hobby. As in childhood, he strives to expose the beauty of the world around him and lay bare its secrets. On good days, he almost succeeds.

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