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My Current Gear

Gear is a funny thing. People say "gear doesn't matter"...then ask what gear I use to make photos and videos. To satisfy that curiosity, here's a list of what I'm using currently:



I bought the Z6 to replace my trusty Pentax K3ii...which died after being exposed to torrential rains. I had wanted to move to full-frame for some time and the Z6 is a good all-rounder, with excellent low-light performance, amazing image quality and solid video performance.

The M50 was my first video camera. It has served me faithfully for a few years now and shows no signs of stopping. It's capable of taking stills, but I've only ever used it for video. Love its autofocus capabilities.

A later video addition. The GoPro actually works better for travel videos than the M50 or Z6 because it is so small, light and can be completely immersed. I'm not a fan of the still images it produces, but who uses a GoPro for stills?



Yes, Atlas packs are not cheap, especially when you import them to Canada. But this is easily the best camera backpack I have ever owned, well built, plenty of protected space for cameras and lenses and ample remaining space for other gear, clothing, food, water, etc. Highly recommended.

Please note some links included on this page are affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you use those links to purchase products. Every little bit helps me keep shooting!

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