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Artist's Reference Requests

From time to time artists ask if they may use my photos as reference materials for paintings. The answer is yes, you may use any of the photos in my gallery for artistic reference...for a small cost.

My fees for reference photos consist of a base cost plus a percentage of the sale price of the finished artwork.

The base cost is $50, for which I will provide you with a high-resolution jpeg file of the photo you have selected. You may print this file for reference or access it on the device of your choice. Note that I retain copyright for the image and it may not be resold, distributed or used commercially.

When you sell the artwork based on my photo, I ask for a 10% commission on the amount you receive above $500. So if you sold a painting based on my photo for $900, I would ask for an additional $40 ($900 minus $500 = $400 x 10% = $40).

Please email me at to request the file and organize payment.

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