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Snap, crackle and pop! Timid Turtle Creative News March 2022

Not sure about you, but we’re pretty happy the weather is warming up. Yes, the world has gone crazy but we’re still taking time for the things we love best: art, photography, workshops and more. Read this month’s newsletter for an update on what we’re up to…and how you can get involved.

Here's this month's lineup:

  • Congratulations to our February workshop participants!

  • Register now for our colourful April workshop

  • 5 Things You Can Make With Photos of Your Art

  • Show alert! Diana’s art coming to Osoyoos in late March

  • You might enjoy: How a professional artist actually makes paintings

  • Our favourite thing this month: Crackle


Congratulations to our February workshop participants!

In late February Diana led a workshop in Penticton titled Show Off Your Treasures in an Abstract Painting. As the name suggests, the course was all about using little treasures like shells, pebbles, buttons and even yarn in an abstract painting. Although not everyone who registered could attend due to illness (get well soon!) the participants were keen and created some wonderful works of art (see photo abe). They all said the workshop was great (one said “friggin’ awesome!!”…aw, we’re blushing) and at Diana’s teaching style was helpful, informative and friendly. Because not everyone who wanted to attend was able, we’re planning to hold another workshop like this on May 28-29. If you’re interested in being part of it, let us know so we can make sure you’re registered! More info here on our website.


Register now for our colourful April workshop

Speaking of workshops, our next one will be held April 9 and 10. Titled Exploring the Wonderful World of Colour, the workshop will be led by experienced artist Lynne Marand and held at the Leir House Cultural Centre in Penticton. Both beginning and intermediate artists will learn how colour can add excitement to a painting. Participants will explore both theory and techniques for applying and using colour. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a completed painting and a much deeper understanding of the colour wheel and colour schemes. We’ve already had a few folks register, so sign up soon to avoid disappointment! To register and for more information, visit our website.


5 Things You Can Make With Photos of Your Art

So you’ve invested in professional photos of your art. You have big, beautiful, sharp digital files just waiting to be put to use. But what can you do with them? In our most recent blog post we share five things you can make using photos of your art…and (sneak peek) one of them might might become part of your morning routine! Head over to our website to read the article here, on our blog.


Show alert! Diana’s art coming to Osoyoos in late March

If you happen to be in Osoyoos in the last week of March drop in to Jojo’s Cafe to check out Diana’s latest show. The show runs from March 25 to April 29 and will feature several of Diana’s landscapes and some surrealist interpretations of the South Okanagan environment. There’s something for everyone to love! Jojo’s Cafe — which (take it from us) has excellent coffee and treats — is located at 8316 Main Street in Osoyoos.


You might enjoy: How a professional artist actually makes paintings

Though many will deny it, one thing that unites artists of all kinds is an insatiable curiosity about how other artists work. In a short video titled How a Professional Artist ACTUALLY makes Paintings, YouTuber Alpay Efe reveals some of the secrets of how he works…and he does so with ample doses of bravado, sly wit and insight. Some of his confessions you may find shocking — one is the way he combines digital techniques with painting to work through the direction he wants to go…and the other is one that will have you gasping in disbelief. OK, maybe not gasping, but if you’ve ever wondered if a technique you use is “cheating” or “unprofessional” you’re going to want to hear Alpay’s take. Check out the video here, on YouTube. And let us know if you’ve used any of his “cheating” techniques! (If you have time, check out another recent video from Alpay Efe: I Roast My Followers’ Art. It’s hilarious and includes a great hot take on how artists sign their work.)


Our favourite thing this month: Crackle

Have you ever tried using crackle on your paintings? If not, you should — it’s our favourite thing this month. You can buy crackle in a semi-opaque gel form that’s pourable or a thick opaque paste that’s best applied with a palette knife. We like both, for different reasons. The best pourable crackle we’ve found is Kroma Crackle. It goes on canvas or board easily, can be manipulated while still wet and dries to form a fine crackle surface that can be further enhanced with paint. Maybe best of all, Kroma Crackle is made in Vancouver, B.C. making it one of our province’s best exports! You can read more about Kroma Crackle here. In paste form we like Golden Crackle Paste…and we’re not ashamed to say we buy it by the gallon bucket. It goes on thick, can be formed into peaks and dries into deep cracks that, like Kroma Crackle, can be further enhanced with paint. You can learn more about Golden Crackle Paste here. Both Kroma Crackle and Golden Crackle Paste are available at Opus and other retailers. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!


Thank you for reading our newsletter! Get in touch if you have questions, feedback or want to talk. If you know anyone who would enjoy or benefit from the content in this newsletter please forward it to them. And be sure to visit online hangouts:

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