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5 Things You Can Make With Photos of Your Art

Could these Warhol-inspired bunnies be made into a shower curtain? Sure!

So you’ve invested in professional photos of your art. You have big, beautiful, sharp files just waiting to be put to use. But what can you do with them?

Here are five things you can make using photos of your art:

  1. Giclée Prints — Giclées are high-quality, archival reproductions of your art. You can sell them as prints at various sizes, embellish them to create original works and more. (Read more about giclées in this blog post.)

  2. Greeting Cards — Greeting cards are a great way to expand the audience for your artwork and an affordable way for people to display and share your art. Best of all, once you've printed greeting cards you'll never need to buy more at the store.

  3. Postcards — Like greeting cards, postcards are a great way to make your artwork accessible to a larger audience; some collectors even frame them like small paintings. And (oh yes) you can mail them to your friends and family for the price of a stamp.

  4. Calendars — Can you imagine creating a piece that contains 12 of your best works and is viewed all year? That's a calendar! A great way to showcase your work and provide your fans with a collectible gift. And unlike most calendars, these ones aren’t likely to be recycled next January.

  5. Mugs, Shower Curtains, T-shirts — The sky's the limit! Make puzzles, pillows, dresses, shopping bags and more…all you need is a high-resolution image of your artwork.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and turn your art photos into something (else) beautiful! And if you need help creating high-resolution images of your artwork or working with a printer to create any of the suggestions in this post…get in touch.

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