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Photo featured for River of the Month

Good news! One of my photos (seen here) has been included in the Western Rivers Conservancy’s River of the Month feature, available both as a page on their website and as a pdf download.

The Western Rivers Conservancy (@westernriversconservancy) is a US-based non-profit organization that buys land along rivers and streams to conserve habitat for fish and wildlife, protect sources of cold water and provide public access. Their work is well summed up in their motto: “Sometimes to save a river, you have to buy it.”

Each month the conservancy publishes a guide to a river on which they have worked. This month it’s the Okanagan River, which starts at Okanagan Lake in BC and flows south through Washington to eventually merge with the Columbia River. The portion of the river in the US is referred to as the Okanogan River.

I’ve included small images of the River of the Month pdf below, but I encourage you to visit the WRC website at to check it out at full size and to read more about the organization’s work. And check out their Instagram feed for some beautiful photos and inspiration.

Oh, my photo — it was taken where the Okanagan River enters Vaseux Lake. As you can see, it was a beautifully calm summer morning…the kind I wish we were enjoying right now.

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