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Overlooked Photos of 2020 #17: What, Me Worry?

Photo taken in Celista, BC — July 12, 2020

Manage your stress or it will get the best of you. This little Song Sparrow looks like it’s having a hard time doing that, eyes etched deeply and shoulders hunched. A bird’s life is one of constant, twitching caution, of looking this way and that for predators, food and photographers, of standing still only for seconds before flitting to the next perch. That would stress anyone, I think.

* Why I didn’t post it: Same old, same old. Lots of photos from that time, just didn’t post all of them. In the end I couldn’t resist sharing this worried little bird. Or am I anthropomorphizing?

* I took a lot of photos in 2020, more than in any previous year. Some I shared, but looking back I’ve found many I didn’t. Maybe I thought they weren’t good enough, maybe I had something else to post or maybe…I just plain forgot. As the year winds down I’m rectifying those oversights and posting some photos I overlooked earlier in 2020.

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