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Overlooked Photos of 2020 #14: Trying in its way to be free?

Photo taken in Oliver, BC — May 16, 2020

This little Song Sparrow had the best seat in the house and seemed adept at avoiding the pointy bits. Perched on barbed wire beside the Okanagan River it paid little attention to passing walkers in favour of small insects and seeds on the ground below.

* Why I didn’t post it: Song Sparrows are the most common bird in North America. Despite that, I quite like them for their quirky personalities. And they must be constantly stressed: I have never seen a Song Sparrow sit still for more than a few seconds…and in that time their heads never stop swivelling this way and that, constantly attuned to threats and danger. It must be exhausting.

* I took a lot of photos in 2020, more than in any previous year. Some I shared, but looking back I’ve found many I didn’t. Maybe I thought they weren’t good enough, maybe I had something else to post or maybe…I just plain forgot. As the year winds down I’m rectifying those oversights and posting some photos I overlooked earlier in 2020.

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