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Overlooked Photos of 2020 #1: Winter Conversation

Photo taken in Penticton, BC — February 1, 2020

Seemingly oblivious to the cold waters of Penticton Creek flowing into the even-colder waters of Okanagan Lake, a man and a woman held an intense conversation sitting on the rocks at the creek’s mouth. Perhaps it was a marriage proposal, perhaps they were quarrelling. Perhaps they were quarrelling following a marriage proposal. Only the cold waters know.

* Why I didn’t post it: While I liked the composition and the stories it implied, I didn’t think this image would work on Instagram or Facebook. It looks better cropped 16x9 and viewed much larger (and at higher resolution) than social media allows. But you tell me: does it work for you?

* I took a lot of photos in 2020, more than in any previous year. Some I shared, but looking back I’ve found many I didn’t. Maybe I thought they weren’t good enough, maybe I had something else to post or maybe…I just plain forgot. As the year winds down I’m rectifying those oversights and posting some photos I overlooked earlier in 2020.

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