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Kootenay Road Trip 2020 Scenes: Welcome to Fernie…Welcome to Mountains and Colors!

In Fernie we discovered the scenery we had come to the Kootenays for. That’s not to say the other places we visited didn’t have beautiful scenery — they obviously did and we loved them. But in Fernie we finally found ourselves surrounded by rugged, high mountains and — yes! — fall colors much farther along than anywhere else.

We must have looked a little strange, standing with our mouths hanging open and staring at the mountains and colors. Can you blame us? Even when we had two days of rain and cold the scenery was still beautiful. Sometimes in the rain it was even more beautiful, as the sun occasionally poked through the clouds and made short-lived patterns on the dappled hillsides.

It would be too much to show you all of the photos we took of the mountains, though I’d love to. I’m afraid you’d get bored and start looking for Instagram accounts featuring cats or hedgehogs or something. Instead, I’ll bring you a few mountain images over the next few days…and maybe a couple of non-mountain images as a bonus.

Today we have a view across the Elk River toward the Three Sisters…though the sisters are shrouded in mist on a day that turned decidedly dark and rainy. You know what they say, though: for photographers, bad weather is good weather. Couldn’t agree more.

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