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Kootenay Road Trip 2020 Scenes: There’s Something Magic About Water, Fall Colors and Mountains…

If you had to write the formula for a scene you could sit and stare at for hours, what would it look like? For me it would be: Mountains + vibrant fall colors + rushing water + a cool tang in the air = contentment.

I know, some people like white sand beaches and cloudless skies. Some people like shopping malls. Some people even like amusement parks run by anthropomorphized rodents. Not me. I’d much rather spend the day enveloped in fall colors, smelling the nascent decay of leaves. Sweater weather is better weather.

Given that, you’d think fall in Fernie (and the Elk Valley generally) would be perfect for me. And you’d be right, as you can see in today’s photos. At the top of this post we’re again looking across the Elk River toward the Three Sisters (yes, I did move from that spot…but not often) as the sun lights the mountains and leaves alike. Below we’re looking up Boivin Creek in Elkford toward the community’s volunteer-run ski hill.


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