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Kootenay Road Trip 2020 Scenes: A Fiery Farewell From Fernie!

Fernie had been very good to us and we felt sorry it was time to move on. After a full week you would think we had seen all the amazing scenery we could take — from moody mountains shrouded in clouds to snow-capped peaks glowing in the warm light of sunrise to waterfalls and alpine streams.

But Fernie had one more treat in store for us on our last night. The day had been gorgeous, with a beautiful sunrise (that I’ll likely feel compelled to share at some point - any interest?) and agreeable weather for repairing our trailer (long story) and getting ready to travel. Then came sunset, and the sky fairly exploded in yellows, oranges and pinks — like watching the aurora borealis while it was still light out. The longer it went on, the pinker the sky became.

So, yeah, I took a few (hundred) photos. All the while I kept thinking “no one is going to believe this is real”…and it still concerns me that you might think today’s photo is contrived. But this is what we really saw.

The mountain surrounded by fiery skies in this post is Mount Hosmer, located just north of Fernie. Local legend says you can see the Fernie Ghost Rider on the mountain’s face when the light is just right. We didn’t see it, which means we need to go back for another visit!

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