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Death of a Dream I: The Cherry Red Pickup Truck

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

"At last, she's really mine. How long have I saved? Months, years? A long time, that's for sure. And even then I had to borrow a little to pay what they were asking. But I did it.

"Sometimes I can't really believe she's mine. I stare at her, sit in the driver's seat running my hands over the hard plastic of her steering wheel. So beautiful, even standing still.

"When I take her out on the road I can see people turning their heads to look my way, to stare at my beautiful cherry red pickup truck. I waxed her the first day I brought her home, buffed her until the red shone through like a beacon. I cleaned her windows until there wasn't a single streak, and I had to turn my head sideways to be sure there really was glass ahead of me.

"This truck and I will always be together. I can't imagine ever wanting another, not now, not ever. This cherry red pickup is with me for life."

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