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Date TBD - Rescheduling

Watercolour is the ideal medium for painting birds. Its soft, free-flowing lines are ideal for depicting birds' multi-layered feathers and deep connection to nature.

In this weekend workshop, you will learn how to work with watercolours to bring birds to life on your paper. With plenty of hands-on attention and gentle guidance, you will proceed through the full journey of starting the painting, working through the challenges that arise during its development and emerging with new skills and a beautiful work of art.

Saturday  |  5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday  |  Noon to 4 p.m.

Location: TBD, Penticton BC

Cost $175.00



Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Lorie Meyer created Earthworks Pottery, producing high fire porcelain that was exhibited in shops and galleries across Western Canada. While living in Larnaca, Cyprus, Lorie began to explore other mediums to express her creative passion. She began with Mosaics and then painting emerged. Lorie now works from her studio overlooking Lake Okanagan in Penticton, British Columbia. It is here she discovered the beauty of watercolours to express her love of nature.

Lorie has studied at several art schools including the University of Alberta, Banff School of Fine Arts, Red Deer College and Metchosin International School. Furthering her love for art,  she has attended many workshops to advance her skills and techniques.  

Lorie is a member of the Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton Arts Council, Shatford Centre, Naramata Art Studio Group as well as the Federation of Canadian Artists.


See more of Lorie’s work on her website at

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