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Kootenay Road Trip 2020 Scenes: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls in Fernie

Of course, we couldn’t just sit and stare at mountains the whole time we were in Fernie. We also needed to get out and do some hiking.

When the weather permitted, we decided to tackle the Fairy Creek Falls Trail. Full disclosure: this is a really easy hike that even the local tourist guide describes as “family friendly” (which depends on your family, I guess). But it advertised a “picturesque waterfall” at the end, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Besides, the trailhead is at the Fernie visitor centre, which is located very close to (ahem) Fernie Brewing Co.’s brewery and tasting room. So there was that.

The trail, as advertised, was quite easy but not without hazards. Not bears, not cougars…mountain bikers. Several times we were happily walking along only to have the air rent by woo-hooing mountain bikers heading down the mountain toward town. Not that I blame them — it looked like a lot of fun and most gave some sort of warning. It just meant we needed to be light on our feet. (Which was good practice for the side trail we took on the way back…while the main trail was an easy grade the side trail was family unfriendly and nearly vertical…or so it seemed.)

The falls themselves were really pretty, if a little overrun with people from time to time. In the photo I’ve included above you can see some folks taking in the scenery. But for bonus points, can you spot the other people in this photo? Let me know what you see in the comments.

I’ve also included a photo below of more fall splendor in Fernie. What can I say? It was beautiful!


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